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    Excuse my total ignorance of this whole qualifying process, but if Zadick and Deitchler both won the trials, and Zadick didn't qualify for the Olympics because he didn't do well enough in other qualifiers (I don't get that at all; isn't the Olmypic trials enough?), did Deitchler even wrestle in other qualifiers? If so, did he do better than Zadick at these other qualifiers?

    Trust me, I'm not trolling, but my wife asked me last night about this and I couldn't answer it, and she was confused beyond comprehension (as am I).
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    Basically wrestlers don't qualify individually for the Olympics, they qualify weight classes for their country, then its up to them to win the spot at that weight.

    Lester qualified our 66 kg Greco weight when he medaled last year at Worlds. No matter who won at the Trials they were going.

    Zadick didn't finish high enough at Worlds last year, and then he and Gallick didn't finish high enough at the other qualifiers to qualify the weight.

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