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    I didn't like the rules to begin with, but I reserved judgment. It has been three years now (since I have lived with the new rules - I know they have been in place for four years), and this Olympics has solidified in my mind what I like and don't like. So here goes for what it is worth:

    I don't like the short time periods on the feet. There isn't enough time to get the offense going, and everyone is in defense mode waiting for the par terre.

    I don't like all the stops and starts that the three periods and one minute, thrity second, thirty second format produces.

    I really don't like the par terre start. It is an embarrassment. Like someone said above, it is a manufactured start position that doesn't flow with the action of real, live wrestling. I don't see any way to start the reverse lift par terre position without all the games and jumping the gun on both sides. There isn't a good way to police it. Inevitably, one wrestler gets cautioned; then the other wrestler gets cautioned; then they both jump the gun and action continues on the third start.

    I can live with the last to score tie breaker, but there has to be a better way. If we are stuck with the three period format, then let a tie period be a tie period, and still score the best out of three. If we end up with three tie periods, or one period a piece and a tie, then let the most match points decide the winner. It doesn't make much sense for someone to win 1-1/0-6/1-1 when the opponent scored the most points but lost two periods on the tie breaker.

    I do like the push out rule.

    I guess that is all I like at this point. Wrestling is a shadow of what it once was right now. I sure hope that FILA has a change of heart about the rules and listens.

    For you guys with foreign ties, what are people saying around the world? Are we in the US the only people complaining about the new rules?

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    One more thing - I love Rulon Gardner as a person, but he was brutal as an announcer. He obviously doesn't understand the rules (perhaps because he never wrestled with these new rules). Of course, with that said, the rules are sometimes confusing, and there even seemed to be confusion among the officials at times. If I were a neophyte to wrestling, and especially international wrestling, I would have no clue most of the time what was happening and why points were awarded, and the announcing didn't fill in many blanks. Tony Black, with his written commentary on the live webcast, was so much better and more accurate in describing/explaining some of the action.

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    I am a casual wrestling fan and thus not an expert. My son wrestles and I like the matches (although I frequently want to slit my wrists at tournaments). I cannot weigh in on most of the rule changes because I don't know enough about the sport.

    But there is one rule that really irritates me and that is the tie breaker based on being the last to score. To me, this is one of the stupidest rules in sports and ranks right up there with the soccer shootout as a travesty. Nobody should win or lose a contest based on luck. I don't understand why they can't have some less arbitrary tie breaker. Why not base the tie breaker on total points in the match, or have a sudden death period without the par ter silliness?

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    I could live making the wrestlers go on their feet until one drops dead or the other scores.

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    There was a thread or post somewhere about this topic, but I am too lazy to look it up so here it is:

    One poster said that the US guys were not used to having to struggle to get the lock in par terre, as at Nationals and Trials, the bottom guy did not move so much. It seems like everyone is in agreement that the bottom man was allowed to move much more than they were used to. I haven't really seen any matches from any international Greco tournaments since the new rules but my question is: Have the bottom men always been able to move so much while waiting for the lock? If so, why is everyone so surprised, and if not, why were they allowed to move so much at the Olympics?
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    From an AP article:

    In the oft-mysterious world of international wrestling, in which the rules are quirky and can be interpreted widely, sometimes it’s all in the game.

    Nice image that wrestling is presenting on the world's largest stage!

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    in agreement with people saying they don't like the short time standing...i myself don't like par terre starts to be a regular part of wrestling matches since i think takedowns are an integral part of wrestling. all clinches must go or at least reduce them greatly...all it is is situation drilling and it should be left in the practice room. let them wrestle.

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    I really wish they would do away with the 2 out of 3 periods rule. How can you outscore your opponent in the match and lose, because you won one period and tied the other two?

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