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Thread: Russia's Varteres Samurgashev

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    I haven't watched Samurgasgev vs. Bacsi of Hungaria and I have no idea what happened but... some Russian sport media write the main reason why Samurgashev lost the match was the intervention of a FILA member from the USA who in the first period forced the referees to change their decision in favor of Bacsi.

    Then they write: Samurgashev got mad, couldn't concentrate in the 2nd period and lost it.
    offensive leg foul. i didn't see it at first and was questioning the refs. then i watched the replay and it was easy to see the russian trip the hungarian to score. good call.

    also the ref that called the video review was mario salatnig (sp) from canada. he is the fila rules interpreter. he can't be wrong based on the fact that ultimately he determines how the rules are interpreted.

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    On fila site, Mario Saletning's address is in Florida.

    Today there are 3 article on the site of the russian federation accusing members of fila to have been biased for a long time. Two of them contain statements of Bryusov, the man #2 after Mamiashvili. Main points:
    Fila is angry that Russian wrestlers win tons of medals and wants to stop them.
    This attitude has historical roots. Example: It was future president Martinetti who gave Gardner the victory over Karelin.
    Russia is going to save the prestige of world wrestling showing the world the manipulations by fila.

    Today a meeting of fila bureau + all 60 referees at the games has been held. The report of Bryusov is quite long, but in such a narrative form that it's impossible to understand what he is saying and what actually happened at the meeting.
    A video of the match Basci v. Samurgashev has been watched and discussed.
    In the earlier reports, it was written the revised score was absolutely incorrect. In his recent story, Bryusov says: after the video review, there wasn't a unanimous opinion. (IMO this phrase is a way not to say: the most participants didn't accept the position of the Russian federation.)

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    What akzent is trying to say is that Russia is terrible.

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    so the russians think they are getting ripped off and several americans think they are getting ripped off. i think everyone is full of crap. good or bad i think the refs are doing their best.

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