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    I wont lie I have been out of the sport for some time now and I have not really been following it until now. (which is why these rule changes seem ludicrous to me) What are our chances for a medal? I keep seeing Americans dropping like flies do we have any wrestlers that are favored? If so could you guys please tell me who they are and what weight class and style they are in?


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    In Greco in terms of the weights to go, Vering is probably our best shot given that he won a silver last year. Byers is a past gold medalist, and took a bronze last year as well.

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    thanks for the info, how about freestyle?

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    A lot is up in the air, we've got a lot of new guys. Cormier is the only guy who's ever medaled at Worlds or Olympics and he didn't get his until last year.

    Most guys on the team have some good wins scattered through out their careers, it'll just depend on the draw and how they're wrestling.

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