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I will admit that Greco has always been my passision, but i will agree that internationally Greco is boring. At Nationals and Olympic Trails, people were getting throw and matches were exciting. I did not see hardly anyone trying to lift and bottom guys were cheating the par ter completley. I could not believe that guys were already off their knees facing their opponent before the whistle blow and the top guy is getting called for attention.
Since wretlers have adapted to the new rules so well, the rules will need to change to get it exciting again. Maybe they will pull a ball out of a sack to see who gets a belly to back bodylock to start-That will be high flying fun!!!
I agree the system needs to be reworked. I hate they are adjusting the sport to gain more fans and ultimately turning people away. I noticed the announcers getting confused and not helping the fans by offering insight. Who is the play-by-play guy? My poor wife gets such an earful with me screaming "What did he just say?!" Rulon is there for star appeal, and he's not horrible, but he's not helping either. The 55KG finals was a mess.

In terms of a back to belly bodylock as a clinch, isn't freestyle pretty close with a deep hea don the outside single as a clinch? Why not ,make the whole sport just situation wrestling? For freestyle, it should not be a deep single (with a push out scoring) but at leats both guys should have an opportunity to score. But that woudl mean going toward Greco, where theer's one minute of neutral and then each guy gets a 30 sec clinch with a single.

Has anyone watched boxing? Sounds like their scoring system is wacked as well. For wrestling I just hate that they are changing the whole face of the sport, not just the scoring.