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Thread: Gable what? Its Albiev!

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    Default Gable what? Its Albiev!

    At 19 years old this kid beat World champions and medalists to win Olympics WITHOUT GIVING UP A POINT!

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    I know very impressive. I saw that match and he completely dominated his oppenent. It looked like no one was going to beat or score on him. I can defintley see him winning future world and olympic championships. He looks like the fututre of Greco-Roman wrestling.

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    i'm sure the wrestling freaks on this site already knows this, but going unscored upon means he scored every time he was on time he was on top in the clinch. i think that is way more impressive than not giving up any points.

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    Scoring on top everytime is very impressive, but being forced into par ter and still not giving up a point is amazing. Gable was aggresive and kept from going to par tar (or at least being on bottom) makes it easier to not give up a point, but this kid is something for the die hard enthusiast.

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    Yah Albiev is a Killer! Proud to be Chechen!))) (Im new on forum)

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