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Discuss Olympic Green at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Last night was opening ceremonies, and it is supposed to be an amazingnight, but I ...
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    Last night was opening ceremonies, and it is supposed to be an amazingnight, but I am not going to lie to you I didnt have a good time. Iwas hot, sweaty, tired and hungry. The heat was unbearable everyamerican athlete was drenched in sweat. Now dont get me wrong therewere some high points to the night, I asked Jenna Bush to take mypicture not knowing who she was. She did so very well, then everyoneon the team made fun of me. Daniel was getting his pictuer taken withevery basketball player in sight. We didnt get to see the fireworkswhich I heard were amazing. The highlight of the night was the torchgetting lit, it was an awesome feeling to know the games are starting. We did a press conference today and it was a lot of fun. Ok I haveto go eat lunch because we have to practice soon. Sorry I realizethat these were random scattered thoughts put into something called aparagraph, but I have a lot to do today. I promise my next blog entrywill be better thought out and more insightful.Let the Games Begin.

    [ame=""]Olympic Green | 2008 Olympics on Flowrestling@@AMEPARAM@@width=480&height=310&a mp;file= e= go=[/ame]
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