I finally got to the hotel last night and settled in. I had no idea who determined what. I just kept handing my sheets around to one person and the next and the next. There are several people that speak bits of english here. English is probably the most international language. It's worth having as a secondary language because economies of english speaking countries seem to do well. But even still the english I hear is primarily 'hello', 'yes', and 'please take a seat' which reminds me of Chris Hansen in to catch a predator. I know it's meant to be said like "take a seat, relax, get comfortable." but it sounds very direct like 'you must do this now - take a seat - PLEASE'. Anyway I imagine how the few things I'm trying to say sound and it's rediculous. All I've learned is 'hi' and 'thank you' but I'm sure I'm messing it up. After I am settled I go out to dinner (I'll talk about later) and come back to my hotel. My hotel is amazing it has a a nice shower that I could see through because the wall between it and the room is glass. There is a balcony on the other side and a pool style bath big enough for probably four people on the balcony area. I expected a tiny room but the first thing I thought when I got in there is 'this has got to be a five star hotel.' I was a little uncomfortable because I still hadn't seen anyone on team mexico and I hadn't clarified anything with anyone but I thought 'Hey, I haven't given a credit card to anyone and I am totally clueless. So if worse comes to worse I won't get charged anything.' Right when I get back though I get a call. It's from Dulce, she's my contact here. I hadn't talked to her before because I didn't know if she speaks english, but appearantly she does. She tells me I'm in the wrong hotel, that It's a different section of a big complex owned by the same guy. I have no idea since I've been led around like a sheep all day. The whole complex is located some distance from the city of Beijing and it's very large. There is a Water Park which we are going to hit up on one of Larry's light days. I agree to meet someone in the lobby in a half hour. Who? I don't know. So I deck myself out in Mexico gear - like I did on the plane ride, so a shuttle could find me if it was there - and then I head down. Now the important thing to remember is I've been awake for 26 hours because of the change in time zone, and - this may sound stupid - but I went out the night before, so I'm probably running on 6 hours of sleep in the past 60 hours or so. I remember taking a seat on the side of a fountain in the hotel lobby. Then Chris Hansen came up and said 'Please take a seat' so I remember taking a seat. Now this is where things get fuzzy. I BELIEVE I was talking to the Luchador on the phone when I fell asleep. The phone dropped out of my hand on my lap as I was falling asleep. Then I remember 3 chinese people, 2 guys and a girl telling me to wake up. I walked through probably the longest indoor bridge even made. It was like another great wall of china, while the two guys moved my bags and the girl came with to translate. I got to the front desk of the other hotel and Larry was on the line. I remember telling him we'd meet up etc, etc. and then right after I hung up Dulce said hi to me. I had to go through a lot of nonsense checking out of the other hotel and rechecking into the new one, explaining it was all a mistake so I didn't get charged double. I got to my room. It is very nice to and I still don't have a roommate. Then I passed out. I think it was 11 PM. I woke up at noon the next day.