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Thread: Olympic Webcast Directions and Discussion

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    Default Re: WATCH: G-R 66kg, 74kg

    Doesn't come up - am I doing something wrong?

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    Default Re: Olympic Webcast Directions and Discussion

    where are the archived videos?
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    Default Re: Olympic Webcast Directions and Discussion

    Go to the NBC Olympics main page, click on video and then choose Wrestling as the sport on the menu.

    That should definitely give you yesterday's, I assume today's might not be archived until they're finished.

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    Default Re: WATCH: Greco-Roman matches

    Quote Originally Posted by ISU2008 View Post
    If you enlarge the main video, is there any way to go back to the 4-in-1 feed besides the button on the left, because you have to reload all the videos again.
    This is a bug for me, on two different Macs and on FF and Safari, if I have the multiple videos open, do a swap, go to large view, when I try to get back it goes white and freezes. Very frustrating.

    Also, wish I had a choice to increase the size of the main (largest) video in the three panel window. It's not big enough to see the clock or names. I end up bouncing around feeds trying to find USA guys on the mat. Listening to the audio feed helps but isn't fail proof.

    All-in-all I'm loving the feeds, but these issues and the fact that they play a commercial if you change a "channel" (feed) after a minute or so, which causes a 30 second delay is killing me. I mean, 30 seconds in basketball is nothing (unless it's the last 30 seconds, which really lasts 45 minutes), but in wrestling you can miss a whole period, such as I did with JD's first match, first period. Turns out it was an ugly period anyway, so I wans't quiet so upset. If it happens tonight...forgetaboutit!


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