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Thread: Russian nationals 96, 120

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    Default Russian nationals 96, 120

    No upsets. In the final matches today, the best ranked will face each other:

    96 kg Gatsalov v Shirvani Muradov

    120 kg Kuramagomedov v Bilyal Makhov

    An arranged victory of Kuramagomedov has been rumored for the last 10 days.

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    Default Re: Russian nationals 96, 120

    Gatsalov won 1:0, 1:0.

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    Default Re: Russian nationals 96, 120

    Must have been a good match. Akzent, Shirvani is Chechen or Daghestani?

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    Default Re: Russian nationals 96, 120

    Generally speaking, Shirvani is Daghestani. But you know that there are several dozens ethnic groups there. On the map below only the biggest groups are given.

    Currently, all best ranked wrestlers of Daghestan, except for Shirvani Muradov, are Avars (# 7 on the map) that is the biggest group in the country - about 800.000.
    Shirvani is Lak (# 9), an ethnic group of about 160.000 people.

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    Bilyal Makhov inj. def. Kuramagomedov. Kura got injuried in the 3rd period.

    Yazdani, for your ethnographic notebook - the new HWT champ is Kabardin (# 4 on the map). The Kabardins haven't had a champ at nationals since 2000. The last one was Murad Kardanov (greco, 76 kg) who won also the 2000 Olympics beating Lindland in the finals.

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    Default Re: Russian nationals 96, 120

    It says Mahov led 3:0 in the 3rd before Kura got injured. That means, Mahov also won one of the other periods. Wow, Kura might be off the Russian team. I doubt it though.

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    HWT final Bilyal Makhov (blue) def. Kuramagomedov

    Until recently Makhov wrestled at nationals and internationally in both freestyle and greco. He is 2 times Jr. world champ in freestyle (2005, 2006) and he placed 3rd at the 2005 Jr. greco worlds. In an interview after the match vs. Kuramagomedov he said greco skills helped him very much, especially when wrestling for position in standing.
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    Default Re: Russian nationals 96, 120

    96 kg final Gatsalov (red) vs. Shirvani Muradov 1:0, 1:0

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