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Thread: 55, 66, 84 brackets

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    Very fun match to watch. Ketoev didn't have any fear of Saitiev. I don't think either took any shoots. Just trips and throws. Saitiev is very effective with his inside trip and he'll hit it again and again.

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    The first match of Ketoev turned into a fight. A few seconds before the end of the 2nd period (Ketoev had a 2:0 lead; he had won the 1st period), he and his opponent Zaur Abdulmuslimov of Dagestan exchanged some slaps in the faces. Then Ketoev punched with fist. Ketoev got warned and ZA got a point.

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    Ketoev vs. Sajidov in the final

    In the semis Sajidov beat Adam Saitiev 2:1 periods.
    The first period was a draw. Saitiev scored last and won the period.
    Sajidov won the second period 1:0 from the clinch and the 3rd period 2:0.

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    The other 2 finals

    66 kg (as usual) Irbek Farniev v Zaur Botaev

    Botaev beat 3 good opponents - Ayan Ondar, Platon Savinov and Shamil Batirov. Farniev's opponents were less known wrestlers.

    55 kg Jamal Otarsultanov v Osip Mihailov (Yakutia)
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