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    Batirov bros. Mavlet and Adam reached the finals. In an interview after the semis, Mavlet said, there would be no final match. One of them had to withdraw and it would be their father who must decide who would withdraw and who would be the champ.

    The same happened in the 2004 nationals final where Mavlet and Adam had to face each other but Northcaucasian customs don't allow a brother to wrestle his brother. Adam withdrew and placed second.

    Today the federation found another solution. The final was declared a draw, though this was against the rules, and both brothers were awarded gold medals.

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    Did Dudaev wrestle?

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    He placed 3rd after losing the semis to Adam Batirov.

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    no way!---------

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    Dudaev is kind of like Cross. He is a tweener and the weight cut hurts his performance.

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