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Discuss Advice needed, weight lifting at the Workout & Training Tips within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I have an arrangement to go on a strict diet and workout plan with free ...
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    Default Advice needed, weight lifting

    I have an arrangement to go on a strict diet and workout plan with free weights, buying a set (around 500lb in all) and a bench trying to avoid expensive space taking machines.
    I have a workout schedule from someone that knows their stuff, 5 day routine(will take any advice though) going to put on weight for Wrestling/MMA
    Anyone have any suggestions what I should be looking to get to complete this permanent home gym

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    Does your bench have a leg extension on the end? Perhaps a squat rack, kettlebell set, medicine balls, stability ball, and grip training tools would be a good home gym for a wrestler.

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    If you're looking to put on weight, the simple solution is really just to lift heavy and eat a lot. Eating a lot is really the biggest issue. Also, getting all the sleep you can get is great. I'd suggest looking up the Starting Strength Wiki or the Bill Starr 5x5 program. The premise is essentially 3 full body workouts per week using 3-4 compound lifts each workout. Like maybe squatting, benching and rowing on a Monday, power cleaning, SOHP-ing, and grip work/core work Wednesday, and deadlifting, chins and bench or SOHP again Friday. This is just an example of something I've had success within the past.

    Really as long as you're lifting heavy with decent volume (~5x5), eating tons of food, and getting lots of sleep, the mass will come along. As long as your recovery is on point you could still train MMA and condition without too much damage to gains in mass, even without the use of supplements. You'd just ahve to eat more. That's the life.

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