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    I am on the long distance team on my highschool's track team, I compete in the mile and two mile events and I feel like I've lost a lot of strength coming out of a hard wrestling season of weight cutting. I really like distance running but wrestling is my main sport and I feel like i've lost a lot of strength since track started, will I be able to catch back up this summer and get back on track to get stronger for next year, how can I avoid losing muscle during track season when I can't lift regularly?

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    You'll be way stronger, don't sweat it. Running develops a mental toughness no other sport can touch. If you can, do chins and push ups. A couple sets of push ups during track practice will do you wonders.

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    lift as often as you do have access to it. tougher bodyweight exercises (usually unilateral ones like one-handed pushups, handstand pushups, one-legged squats, etc) will be able to replicate the physical demand of heavy lifting accurately enough to really stop any noticeable decrease in strength. However, in general, you're not going to be losing any real strength as long as you're using all your muscles. Track doesn't force you to cut weight or anything that would be harmful to maintaining strength or mass. In general, strength and the neural adaptations that come with being at a certain level of strength are very hard to breakdown.

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    If you've lost weight, you've probably lost some strength as well. Either way, losing strength is inevitable if you've stopped putting you're muscles under enough stress to convince you're body in maintaining you're acquired strength.

    Either way, don't worry. Muscle memory will have you' back to you're strength in a matter of weeks, once you start lifting weights again.

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    couple o' questions:
    how much weight did you cut exactly?? and whats ur time on the mile?

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    basicly i run xc and track wrestling is my main sport i treat xc and track as training meaning wen i dont have it which is like 2-3 times a week i work out alot but the hard thing to balance out is being sore its been hard juggling that but sometime poppib some ibprofen makes it ALOT easier!

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