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Discuss Need tips from the speedy. at the Workout & Training Tips within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Hey, since i'm currently in the off season i'm just lifting/running at the moment. I ...
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    Default Need tips from the speedy.

    Hey, since i'm currently in the off season i'm just lifting/running at the moment. I really want to get faster on the mat cause i'm pretty sure I lost most of my matches because the other guy was quicker. (i wrestled 140-145)
    I'm sure that I got the strenght to beat my opponents but not the speed. I lifted a lot last year for power but didn't train in speed, so this off season i'm gonna spend most of my team balancing out both. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Need tips from the speedy.

    Sprint alot, move quickly with your stance, sprawl, ect... Just pretend your wrestling an imaginary person and move quickly with your shots and sprawls.
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    Default Re: Need tips from the speedy.

    As well as trying to improve your speed, work on your set-ups. Even a slow wrestler can hit a great leg shot if they put themselves in the correct position to do so.

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    Default Re: Need tips from the speedy.

    When I started wrestling I was really slow and I used strength to win. But junior year I started using my quickness. I had a lot better speed because I started playing video games competitively. It got my mind working, I guess.

    Also, a lot of people are born with speed. It's just the ratio of fast-twitch to slow-twitch muscle you're born with.
    Lastly, I got my friend to stand about 5 feet away from me with a tennis ball at his shoulder height. Then he'd drop it and I would try and hit a low anle shot and catch it. Helped me some once my knees recovered..

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    Default Re: Need tips from the speedy.

    lifting for power is essentially lifting for speed - what kind of program were you working with? olympic lifters are the fastest athletes in the world in the first 20-40 yards of a race. they are able to outrun 100m olympic sprinters within the first few seconds, is pretty much what that means. a shot requires that same sort of going from statonary to bursting forward motion, and power. olympic lifters (not to be confused with powerlifters, which is a misleading term) would typically train with a mixtre of main compoundl ifts (like squats, deadlifts, benches, rows, etc) and technical power lifts - ones that are actually used or ahve tremendous carry over to lifts used in competition (like clean&jerks, snatches, power cleans).

    that being said, a wrestler should be more considered with the ability to maintain the endurance to carry out repeated explosive movements and attempts, and not necessarily one moment of maximum effort, as witnessed in olympic lifting or even sprinting. arm-spin's point is good - technique is most likely what will bring your mat speed to the next level.

    take away point: technique > training specfically for power/speed. if it is that much of a glaring weakness in your wrestling game, it is clear that you must devote time to lifting heavy with compound power movements, and appreciable amount of time, at that.

    methods for training for power/speed: olympic lifts, compound lifts, short sprints with long rest intervals (15-30 yard dash, 90-120 sec. rest).

    hope this helped

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