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    I was wondering if this is a routine to gain strength and keep my conditioning up in the offseason as well as gain better technique

    Monday: 2 mile run morning
    Afternoon:1/10th of a mile hill sprint
    KB 11 Swings(2 Hands)
    KB 11 Snatches(2)
    KB 11 clean and press(11 in each hand)
    11 medicine Ball Burpees
    11 1 arm swings KB
    11 1 arm snatches
    Repeat but with 10 in each set same distance and intensity for hill sprints followed by 9,8 etc.
    Judo that night
    Tuesday:2 mile run morning, freestyle after school, 2 more miles after pract.
    Wed.: Same as monday
    Thursday:Same as Tuesday
    Saturday:same as monday or comp.

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    Thats a very solid routine. I'd throw in 3 set series' of 30+ situps, pushups, and pullups.

    Keep this up and you'll see some very impressive improvements. Always look to improve/increase your intensity.

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    try doing swings, snatches, and clean and press for time to switch things up.
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    looks good

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