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Discuss How do I get explosive strength for every aspect of folkstyle wrestling? at the Workout & Training Tips within the Wrestling Talk Forums; My good friend is John Bozarth and he just got picked to go to the ...
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    Default How do I get explosive strength for every aspect of folkstyle wrestling?

    My good friend is John Bozarth and he just got picked to go to the Olympic training education center. A big role that plays just as nicely with his technique, is his strength and explosion. If you want, look him up on youtube, he just took 5th at Fargo for greco. But anyways, he's majorly explosive in snapdowns, gutwrenches, hip heists, you name it. How do I develop this kind of explosion and develop the endurance required to suit this explosion for a match? He's a farmboy, so I know that's where he got his strength from, but for somebody like me who doesn't live on a farm, but has access to a gym, what can I do for wrestling specific explosion?
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    Default Re: How do I get explosive strength for every aspect of folkstyle wrestling?

    Know that it's not just strength, but also the technique he uses to become so "explosive."

    As a recent example, if you noticed at Fargo, even though Morgan Mcintosh was snapping guys down like crazy. He was lighter and shorter than most of these guys, how does he do it? Feel and technique that go along with his strength.

    A good weight training routine and even more drilling will do the trick.
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    Default Re: How do I get explosive strength for every aspect of folkstyle wrestling?

    This is a really good question. The best way I know of to build explosive power is to do full body explosive movements using moderate weight with good technique. This means cleans, push presses, etc. You can also put multiple explosive movements together and train with a piece of equipment like this MiloFlipperUneven - YouTube

    You can use the uneven loading to flip the heavy end at the start of your workout, and as you fatigue you can switch to the light end to build endurance through the match. Plus, as you get stronger, you can increase the weight accordingly.

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