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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    I dunno if a lot of people actually do get hurt wrestling greco, but I found the reverse clinch pretty scary at times.

    In Canada, they don't let you wrestle greco until "juvenile" level (grade 11) so the wrestling federation probably considers greco the more dangerous of the two.
    Yeah but this is why America kicks Canada's ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBOZZZ View Post
    Thats sad they won't let you wrestle Greco till the 11th grade. Talk about hurting your countries chances at world medals in Greco. I do understand that younger kids are more likely to hurt one another, due to improper technique.
    Ya my country doesn't really support Greco. In fact, I've heard accusations that the Canadian wrestling federation doesn't really like Greco because they want to maximize funding for freestyle. It's too bad- Greco can be fun!

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