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Discuss Reps vs. Sets? And how many exercises? at the Workout & Training Tips within the Wrestling Talk Forums; So I'm trying to switch up my workotus a little bit more, and I ran ...
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    Find Reps vs. Sets? And how many exercises?

    So I'm trying to switch up my workotus a little bit more, and I ran across this website,, and it talks about wrestling being a power endurance sport. I agree with that 110 percent, but then it goes on to say to only do four exercises per day? Well most of my workouts have about 12-15 exercises, and they normallgo something like "12,10,8,8,6,6,6,2" for number of reps,and I gauge hwo much weight to do by the ratio of reps...But then on, it says that wrestlers should be doing about 15-30 reps, but doesn't really specify on how many exercises...So, to anybody out there who knows their stuff when it comes to lifting, can you help me get an idea of what a true wrestler needs to be doing to last longer than 6 minutes? Thanks in advance!
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    During the offseason, you should be going heavy like 5 reps for maximal strength and power. Then when it comes to the preseason, do alot of cardio then swith your routine up to some kind of endurance workout. 4-6 exercises are the best, any more than that you are just overworking.

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    look up starting strength and you'll be good

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