So this year I cut from 165 to 152,and I haven't lifted at all,only occasional maintanance lifts...But I can't really lift too often because my PE in school (its a weight lifting class) is my last hour of the day,and then I have wrestling RIGHT after that,so I can't afford to get tired like that before something like wrestling...So with that said, I'm still not going to lift too often,just the occasional blah blah blah...To the point...I'm starting basically back from zero,when I was at a ten before...How should I train once the season wraps up so that I can have the perfect wrestling body....I mean,putting Adonis to shame,and still being a Brent Metcalfe or something kind of physique...What kind of routines? Cycling? I'll be on creatine and protein...I'll also probably be doing J Rob 28 day again this summer...Cardio? Split vs push/pull days? Anything else? I dont care what my weight gets up to,as long as its lean..