Breakfast: 6 am / 630 am
Oatmeal with milk and crasians ( dried cranberries )
1/2 cup Oatmeal - 150
1 cup Milk - 130
1/3 cup craisins - 130
= 410 calories

I am questioning the craisins because they are sweetened. 26 grams of sugar for 1/3 cup. BUT, it is fruit. I think. Raisins are 29 grams of sugar for 1/3 cup. Should I use raisins, craisins, other, or none?

Lunch: 12 pm - 12:30 pm
Peanutbutter Sandwich w/ whole wheat/grain bread
2 tablespoons peanutbutter - 190
2 slices of bread - 200 ( 100 calories per slice )
1 pt Water
Calories = 390

I sometimes have coldcut meat. It is 90 calories per serving. Which do you think is better when both is available? Also, how long does it take for 1 pint of water to deplete from your body? I usually have 1 pint around lunch. I might settle for a cup around meet days if water weight doesn't go away fast.

Meal when I get home: 3pm No practice 5pm after practice
It is usually rice and meat and vegetables.
rice - 250
meat/vegatables - ??? maybe 300
1 pt water
= 550

I usually snack on fruit or some meat on the stove throughout the day. Is that okay or should I only snack at a time when it is designated as my snack time like after a workout. Is meat a good snack? What are good snacks? Peanuts? Fruits?

Dinner: 7pm
Dinner is random, most likely rice like my after practice meal.
= 550

Sleep = around 10 or10:30 pm

total calories = 1900 + 260 ( 2 more cups of milk ) = 2160
whoa, I am only 122 lbs. that seems like a lot. Can I get feedback on my questions and if these times for eating are okay? And if the food is okay?


Also, sometimes I cheat my diet with a cookie but I am trying my best to not to eat it and I am determined this time.