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Discuss Best way to get better endurance/cardio/VO2 max? at the Workout & Training Tips within the Wrestling Talk Forums; So endurance,cardio, and VO2 max all go together without saying,and I have the best of ...
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    Default Best way to get better endurance/cardio/VO2 max?

    So endurance,cardio, and VO2 max all go together without saying,and I have the best of all of those on my team by far...but its not enough,i want to be able ot sprint (literal and metaphorical-wrestling speaking) for 6 minutes straight without feeling a sweat....what are some good ways to build up to this? I do a lot of HIT training at the gym-lot of time doing intervals on jump rope,taking a shot into sprints back and forth,running a halfmile in between sets of jump rope....I just need to be able to make my opponent break fro exhaustion before I even think about sweating...thanks in advance...
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    Default Re: Best way to get better endurance/cardio/VO2 max?

    Never stop moving during practice, if at a point during practice you stop sweating, something is wrong.

    Live wrestle. A lot. Do at least half an hour a day.

    Condition either before or after practice. Do animal exercises, sprints, rope climbs, etc intersperse them if you want.

    Lift weights x2 a week for strength, power, muscular endurance, and power endurance.

    Eat healthy. Try and make all your foods quality calories.

    Don't neglect Sunday conditioning. Get a couple of friends and do a beach run or run up a steep mountain trail.

    That's all I know, it's worked for me. I did this for about 2-3 months and went from 11% body fat to 7% body fat and I feel like I have endless cardio. Hope this helps.

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