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Discuss My Situation, Help requested at the Workout & Training Tips within the Wrestling Talk Forums; My name is Jasen and i am a Junior in High school, and this is ...
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    Default My Situation, Help requested

    My name is Jasen and i am a Junior in High school, and this is my first time in Wrestling. My weight shifts between 226-230 and i stand at 5'11. I consider myself to be physically strong in the arms, my last max out showed that my limit was 235 bench press, that was last year. My fastest mile was 8 min 17 sec. I am one of six boys, and the largest, so i've learned to twist my body to prevent my brothers from escaping.

    I participated in my first practice this last Monday, its finals week so there has been no practice since. The practice only strengthened my resolve to participate in the sport, yet i am having some difficulties. I have not had a chance to correctly learn any of the basic moves, and i wish not to bother my coachs since we are already well into the season, and they have several other more experienced wrestlers to attend to. That, and all of my wrestling friends are literally half my size, so i do not know if they could help me learn the moves.

    So my first problem is, how do i learn all the basic moves on the mat?

    I also was shown that my cardio is not as strong as i believed it to be. In fact, i was dead last when we went out for our 3 runs around the track + 20 pushups/situps/dips in between, and then three bleechers. I find that to be unsatisfactory, how do i improve my Cardio?

    Ive searched the internet, and most of what i have found has been set for wrestlers that are not in my weight class. If anyone can give me tips, work out plans, or any links to some of either, I would much appreciate it.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: My Situation, Help requested

    I was about your weight when I was in high school as well. You've asked a couple of questions so I'll attempt to answer them all.

    1. Bother your coaches, it's what they are there for. If you are willing to stay after practice or come in early and work with them they will be willing to work with you. There are also a lot of great videos in our technique library (link). Start with basic techniques, standups, Single/Double leg takedowns, High Crotch, Half Nelson.

    2. When it comes to cardio don't worry about who (weight) it was designed for. There are two ways to workout to get more "wind": aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic is when you get your heart rate elevated and keep it there for a long (20 min) period--jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. Anaerobic is when you quickly elevate your heart rate close to it max and keep it there for a short period then allow it to recover before your next rep--sprinting, weightlifting, box jumping, anything that is a "burst" exercise. In wrestling you need some of both. Also plan on doing some conditioning on your own time outside of practice.

    3. Don't think that strength is that important. While it is very valuable, I've seen many guys that have muscles on top of muscles lose to much weaker guys who have superior technique.

    Hope that helps and keep at it.
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    Default Re: My Situation, Help requested

    My Max bench has changes slightly to 245, and my best mile run is now 8 min. 3 sec. Still not as big of an improvement as i would like, but its a good increase i believe.

    *response to Snackem*
    I would like to thank you for responding for quickly with your advice. I will see to it that my coaches know that i am willing to add extra time. Unfortunatly, i have ROTC as my 0 hour (Before school), and i live in Maricopa (Way far away from my school) half the week. So i will have to rely alot on my own, again, this is unfortunate but necessary. I will have alot of time on my hands now though, in approximatly one hour i will be on Winter Break. 2 1/2 weeks of no school.

    I also realized that strength will not play a very signifigant part in my wrestling, although it does help. I just wished to keep everyone informed of how physically fit i am in some areas, while lacking in others. That, and if your going to provide me with assistance, i feel that you must be as informed as possible.

    Again, Thank you!

    *Note: This thread is still open to ANYONE willing to offer some tips/advice/council.

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