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Thread: What should I do?

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    Default What should I do?

    Right now I'm wrestling for the high school.
    And I'm @ 112.
    Record is 2-4.
    Only got pinned once.
    But I want to drop.
    Coach say's I can't according to the state.
    But I have USA Wrestling right after High School wrestling.
    Freestyle and Greco-Roman.
    I haven't weighed myself since yesterday which was 111.7.
    Should I drop for USA Wrestling to 105.
    And stay there for next year.
    Do you think they'll let me wrestle @ 103 for high school next year?

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    First thing you should do is ask a moderator to move this thread to the high school wrestling section or greco/freestyle section.
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    Default Re: What should I do?

    I need suggestions if I should cut weight or not.
    And if I do.
    How would I do it.

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    Default Re: What should I do?

    will the drop make a difference in your strength? maybe best to stay up and work on your weaknesses rather than try to cut down which will only zap your energy.
    but then again, i may be retarded

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    Well not knowing things like your height, body fat, and stuff like that it's hard to give specific advice on what you should do. Generally, as I've noticed with freshman who were on my team, is that they grew a lot from their freshman years. It might not be such a bad idea to stay where you are, or even move up in weight. Cutting weight doesnt necessarily make you more competitive either; lots of guys like Gregor Gillespie and Darrion Caldwell have benefitted from wrestling at a higher weight class. You're much stronger at a higher weight class, although you want to be able to pack on some muscle to accompany a move up the weight classes.

    That being said, if you've got USA wrestling right afterwards, and the cut isn't too physically taxing on your body, go for it. It's tough to really give you advice about what to do. But you're still a freshman, and I don't think you'll be staying the same size for the rest of your high school career. I'm a big advocate of wrestling at a healthy/natural weight, and maybe when USA wrestling ends, you can see if you want to bulk up or really remain at the same weight. good luck

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    Dropping to 105 in the spring is fine but you should not make any decisions for next season just yet. You are young so you will probably grow and your body will fill out a bit. By next fall you will have a better idea of what weight is a better fit for your body. More importantly you should spend the offseason practicing and learning as much as possible while also competing frequently.

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    Default Re: What should I do?

    Thanks for the help guys.
    But I know this is a stupid idea.
    I want to go 103 next year.
    and then Go up from there.

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