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    What should I eat pre-workout because I always feel exhausted and with out energy in the middle of my body weight exercises. And how long before I work out?

    How about post-workout?

    Also, how come I feel 10 times more exhausted during my body weight exercises (aimed at endurance of course more than 15 reps) than that of strength training (5 reps of heavy weights).
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    Try a couple of peanut butter sandwiches about an hour before starting your workout. They have good protein, some fat for quick energy, and the bread for long term slow release energy.

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    Make sure sure your getting alot of carbs before and after your workouts for energy. I eat exactly 1 hour before my workout begins, so the food has enough time to start giving me energy and digestion. Eat immediatly after your workout. You want to take in large amounts of calories, carbs, and proteins while your testosterone levels are still high after working out. This wil help speed up your recovery and gains both strengh and muscle wise. Alot of people I know like to drink protein shakes before and after their workouts. They like to be able to get all their carbs, calories, fats, and protein in one quick fix and on the go.

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    Thanks guys.
    "Every artist was first an amateur."
    "You miss 100% of shots you don't take."

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