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    I've been wrestling for years now and this is the first time I have ever had this happen. I'm getting a rash along my legs and one of my arms? Anyone have any idea on what the cause might be?

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    I'd see a dermatologist, gonna be pretty tough to diagnose a rash over the internet.

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    Like Schlottke says show coach and trainer and see a doc. Anyone else in the room have the same condition? It could be from any number of relationships, including incomplete rising of whatever anti-bacterial they are using to disinfect the mats. Could just be a personal sensitivity to the solution. Anyway, it's a wonderful source for picking up MRSA, the new bane of wrestlers. Get MRSA and they'll be sure to knock out of the line up for at least a week. Suggest you keep it covered until cured with full sweats, to the ankle and wrists, as long as the doc says you're okay to get on the mat.

    Don't mess with it, if it is early MSRA, you're exposing your entire team and with multiple infections they will shut the program for a good length of time. The sport doesn't need that kind of publicity.
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    My school just switched to using DefenseSoap products to clean the mats as there have been a number of reports of MRSA and it's a very nasty to thing to get. It's highly contagious so you definitely want to make sure that it's not that. I had recently ordered some regular DefenseSoap as a few people here recommended it as a way to avoid ringworm (got it multiple time before this year) but the site says it helps with bacteria and viruses, too. My coach talked to the whole team last week and told them to get this or a similar product and to wash after every meet/practice.

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