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    Now that I've started lifting, might as well start up a log too. Began around two weeks ago.


    4x8 Box squats, 3 sets @ 50lbs, 1 set at 60lbs
    4x8 Deadlifts, 4 sets @ 45lbs
    10-8-6 Lat pulldowns (palms out), 1 set @ 45 lbs, 1 set @ 55lbs, 1 set @ 70lbs
    10-8-6 Chest press (freemotion), 1 set @ 20lbs, 1 set @ 25lbs, 1 set @ 35lbs
    3x12 Preacher curls @ 10lbs
    3x12 Hammer curls @ 10lbs

    Core work - 2x15-10 Leg lifts with 6lbs medicine ball (medicine ball in hands, raise hands to meet leg. Right leg 15 times, left leg 15 times, both legs 10 times is a set)
    1 minute Russian twists.
    3x12 Lower back extension (machine) @ 50lbs

    Did four or five more arm exercises that I can't quite remember the name of, but mainly had to do with pulling. Going to try and raise the weight for some of these exercises next time.

    Didn't really do cardio today, but normally I do a relatively intense cardio workout with a trainer from 6:30 to 7:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with club wrestling practice on Mondays and Thursdays.
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    Had practice today. Did some good stuff off of top (reinforced armbar mainly), learned some funk rolls, inside trips and worked on the cement job (the single leg defense one). Also got in some good underhook work with my coach after practice, throw-byes, boot-scoots, ankle picks, and a high crotch.

    After practice I went to the book store and picked up some stuff on weight training and wrestling drills that I hope will help me get good and strong before the season. Thought I might have to keep the weights low and the reps high so that I don't tear up my joints, which is the suggestion I've gotten from both my coach and my dad, since I'm still a little bit younger than most weight-lifters.
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    Conditioning day, animal conditioning and ladders (footspeed)


    Another conditioning day later tonight, hopefully be able to lift afterwards.

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