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    Default hey everyone! Its been a while!

    Hey guys I moved to a new area a finally got to join a gym. Its amazing to finally start lifting again, but I feel that the workouts I'm doing are more bodybuilding. Im doing a power and hypertrophy program right now with a lot of super sets, and its really tough but I want something more.

    I loved the workouts I did when I was in wrestling, I graduated so I can't get the workouts like I use to. I was wondering if someone could hook me up with some intense workouts??

    I don't know if I will be able to do snatches and power cleans, I manage to stay quiet when i did dead lifts last week. I just feel out of place because I don't know if they allow it. Its a shame, I wish there was a gym around here I could actually get a good workout with more Olympic lifts, but I'm not a baby I still get to workout so I'm happy!!

    I'm looking to get stronger, bigger, better grip, just everything! Looking for high reps and heavy sets! I could be a guinea pig to anyone looking. Thanks guys, and I'm glad to be back!

    Also if you know any good diets with high protein and low calories I would love it!

    stats: body weight: 157?
    i really don't know any of my maxes, they are all higher then body weight, haha.

    BF: Can't see abs, but my I'm not a fatty, I keep the junk foods to a bare minimum. Need to cut down on some servings and step up cardio.

    age: Fresh 18

    Thanks again guys!!


    Oh and the new look is great!!
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