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Thread: is my meal good for today?

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    Default is my meal good for today?

    Breakfast- special k serial 1% milk, 1 bowl and a multi vitamin
    lunch- chicken sandwich on a bun, 6 oz milk
    snack- a piece of swiss cheese and very little pasta salad (low fat everything) and a glass of green and white tea
    Dinner- 2 1/2 burger, 3 slices of tomatoes and some ketchup, 1 glass of green and white tea
    snack-25-50 grapes

    im 15 114 pounds 5'3, im doing 2 hours of wrestling 5 days a week but not today, i feel like a ate alot but im not really sure even though everything seems healthy. do i need more calories since im active? more protein? less calories? let me know everything

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    Default Re: is my meal good for today?

    You should go organic and get a metabolic typing taste. Though you can somewhat tell your metabolic type by your food preferences protein, carb and mixed. also watch the future of food on . Try not to eat so much refined flour (burger, special k).

    There's so much more stuff to it. But go to the links I posted and if you're serious about being healthy it'll help alot.

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