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Thread: razegfx's log (strength+power)

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    no wrestling practice today; school was closed for Vet's Day (shot out to all the veterans and everyone serving now). shoveled up 10$ to my local gym to get a workout in. didn't really log anything today, though.

    did squats. a pair of work sets a 225x5, and singles at 245 and 265, plus one missed single at 285 :[

    did bench; some sets of 5 with 135, 155, and some triples with 175, 185. my bench is pretty awful.

    clean and jerked; did a few triples @ 135, and a few doubles @ 155. legs felt too beat to really do anything more intense that that.

    pulldowns for two sets @ 170x12, then 2 sets of curls; 80x5, 60x10. FIN.


    i am deciding not to worry about cutting weight. ill just focus on getting stronger. im not so worried about the way that i look...but rather my strength. ill just eat to no end, and lift and condition like its going out of style. shouldn't be too difficult since im going to be working out with a bunch wrestlers. i get to lift 4 out of the 5 weekdays with them, so ill use those opportunities.

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    3 sets of walking lunges around the room. some rows. not a while lot else.


    some handstand pushups, weighted pushups, triceps extensions, weighted situps...this was a pretty ghetto workout.

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    That a very nice training log.Keep up the good work.

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    haven't updated this in awhile, so i'll take this opportunity to log my most recent PRs.

    squat -
    275x3 (going for 5 this friday)

    db bench -
    85x5 (going for 90x3 this friday)

    i've been mostly working on those lately. i want to total a thousand in the big three, preferably before my 20th birthday, and the squat and bench are my worst of the three lifts so ive been working on the tirelessly. my latest bb bench session went 195x3 for the top work set. this was roughly 2 weeks ago, so i should be good for at least a 215 once i rotate back to them (most likely in 2 weeks time). i'll also have to work on my form as i've been essentially doing close grip bench presses...maybe ill get to add another 20-30 pounds once i get used to benching with a wider grip.

    happy new year everyone. i resolve to log here more often, lol.

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    recently nailed a 285x3, and 315x2 on squat. been working heavy cleans, and got 185x7 on bench, which is a lift ive always had problems with. the difference today was that i did bench before everything else...maybe i should do that more often and see if my bench numbers progress.

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