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    Ive heard the type of cardiovascular fitness that you would have for a long distance runner is different from a wrestler's cardio. Which makes sense because your body learns how to adapt of how to handle your energy expenditure.

    But why is it that high school wrestling coaches still have their wrestlers run miles and run stadiums for long periods.

    And what are some "wrestling cardio" exercises for the preseason?

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    There's two things that effect how long you can hold on the mat; Muscular Endurance and Cardio.

    Running is to expand your lungs and make it so that you can breath in more oxygen and make it so that your body can handle those times when you're out of breath.

    Doing circuits and weight lifting for muscular endurance is a totally different, but just as neccasary. Those are for endurance in your muscles, so your body doesn't get tired.

    A long distance runner does not need an all around good body, strong shoulders and explosive upper body strength is not what they're looking for. They do, however, need good lungs. Wrestlers need both; good lungs and a good body that can handle beatings and that six minutes of hell.

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    I never understood why our coaches still make us run like 2-3 miles on practices, when it's obviously clear that wrestling is anerobic and not aerobic. Anerobic endurance can basically be trained by using programs such as HIIT. Also, not only does anerobic training increase your anerobic ability, but also your aerobic capacity.

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    Exactly, so why spend time doing something not as efficient when wrestlers can be working on cardio that simulates actual wrestling

    like for 2 minute periods, something explosive like a lunge series and then quick few second break.

    Any of you guys know any good exercises like that?

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    many coaches don't really understand that their wrestlers will benefit
    much more from doing max interval training and wrestling more and running less.
    "It ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving foward, how much you can take and keep moving foward. That's how winning is done!"

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    I have found that the guys that I train have had tremendous success using the tabata protocol as well as HIIT protocols.
    One quick interval we do
    20 seconds of shot/sprawls
    10 seconds rest
    8 sets
    1:30 rest and then go again.. Your body is under stress and you have to fight to make it through each set. Some may disagree, but I have found that in the 3rd period, my guys can attack, attack, attack and stamina never seems to be a problem.
    "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become."

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    Tabata kicks ass! I did tabata sprints for 3 days in row and it only got worse everyday. I use various intervals and HIIT training every week.

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    Also, anerobic training also increases your aerobic abilities, so there is basically no reason to do stuff like running or jump rope.

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    It can be useful during the pre-season to try and help shed some calories off.

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