Peak Performance vs Burning-Out (misspelled in title)

As a high school coach and now having the opportunity to be able to train my athletes year round, I am in a great struggle trying to figure out when I should turn up the intensity within the wrestling room. My big concern is how quickly a high school athlete will "burn-out". A high school wrestler is not at the same level of athletics is a top level adult that can train hard for months and months preparing for an event. I am looking for some ideas on cycling I guess. I will lay out the schedule of normal season and what else we are doing.
Actual season (first matches) are Dec. 5, 2009
Biggest Dual is on Jan 23rd
Post season is from Feb. 13th-begin of Mar. (which most-if not all my guys wil be in)
Of course you wnat your athletes to peak in the post season, but with such a long season, when do you start to get them into their top physical shape? How long can they maintain this type of physical stress?

We are already lifting on a great program, drilling and learning moves, and live wrestling two matches or group wrestling a day.

Any ideas, I would love to hear them.