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    i need help coming up with a routine that will get my strength up by december when season starts. ADVICE greatly appreciated

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    advice-read the other 20 threads asking this same question
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    as mentioned before. EAT. REST. and follow the program as planned. dont go ape#$%^ with extra assistance exercises (ex: bicep curls, shrugs) for awhile. like a month or so, or until you cant stop progressing in a linear fashion on all your lifts. and start off very low, since you're adding 5 lbs. to your lifts EVERY time you go to the gym. december is still a long way from now to get your strength up, so take it easy. all of this information is in the article above, but i felt these particular points helped me especially, while i was on the program.

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    i don't know more about weightlifting,i had heard from my friend about this.plz. give me more information about this.

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