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Discuss Question about running and swimming, etc. at the Workout & Training Tips within the Wrestling Talk Forums; My high school weight room closed down last Friday, so now I'm out of a ...
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    Default Question about running and swimming, etc.

    My high school weight room closed down last Friday, so now I'm out of a place to get a great workout.

    What I wanted to start doing was running in the morning, swimming after that, and maybe a little more weight training, then more running.

    I'm not much of a runner so its hard for me to decide what to do. Should I run long distance or short or both. Maybe Short in the morning and long at night? Or mix it up with both sessions?

    Swimming all I have is a little apartment pool, not SUPER small but not Olympic. What I was doing today is timing myself and swimming as fast as I could to each side long ways and then there and back. I got some pretty decent times I think. Also I was just running along the bottom as hard as I could and timing. Just wondering if this is a good thing to do to pass time and get a workout.
    I was also holding my breath under water for stamina? Is this going to help. I absolutely sucked on this I'm even embarrassed to put time. But that's what practice is for right! Also I would try to jump as high as I can out of the pool. Saw a college wrestler jump out of pool and onto the concrete so I want to do that soon. If any of these are good on swimming let me know.

    And for weight training since I have weights and no rack and I live on the top floor of my apartment, I'm thinking I'll do stuff for my tri's, bi's, attempt lunges and squats for endurance, but that's pretty much it not a lot of core until abs. I know I need a membership to a gym. I need to live close to a gym is what I need!

    That's pretty much it guys let me know what you think! Answers by tonight would be great so I can plan it out but if not I'll do it when I get the best answers. I gave plenty of info on what I'm trying to do but any questions for me should be asked and I will answer back.

    Thanks a lot guys!

    - Brad

    P.s. I posted a thread about any wrestling clubs in Texas and got 16 views and NO answers!! Come on guys! Hopefully I'll get some answers on this I know there are a lot of people looking. Maybe its just me? haha. Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Question about running and swimming, etc.

    interval training
    no long distance running
    "It ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving foward, how much you can take and keep moving foward. That's how winning is done!"

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