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    Default Plyometrics

    Can someone help me out with which ones to do, how many reps and how many days per week?

    I used to do a little bit of plyos for my track team and I know most of the excercises but I'm just confused as far as how many reps, sets, and days per week I should do them.
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    The frequency of your workouts depends on how good your diet is and how much sleep you get. And for plyometric work, try doing exercises for time such as tha tabata protocol

    IE: jumping lunges for 20 sec/rest 10 sec
    jump knee tucks for 20 sec/ rest 10 sec

    goal is to do as many as you can with good form in the 20 sec then rest and repeat
    Put exercises together and go thru the circuit atleast twice and then gradually work ur way up to 4 circuit repetitions

    Mix up exercises everyday though to keep challengin your body

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    You don't want to do them to failure. Plyometrics is all about speed and power and doing as hard as possible. Doing them till failure completely eliminates the purpose of pylos.

    Something like 10x3 would be good with 30-60 secs rest between sets.

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    I didn't really get back into doing plyo's until a few weeks ago, but I've been doing box jumps and have been loving them.

    Size of the box will obviously be determined by what you have access to, I would mix up between doing sets of jumps for reps and doing jumps for time.

    I personally am only doing them once a week, but you could probably get away with mixing one plyo exercise in with your workouts just about every day since you've already got a good base.

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