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    Anyone try any of the P90X workouts? I downloaded a few of them to do after my regular routine. The dude kinda reminds me of Ben Stillers character in Dodgeball. But I find the exercises to be effective, especially the Ab Ripper.

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    This is kinda old, but I'm going to respond anyways.

    The exercises in p90x are less of a bodybuilder's workout and more of a mix of cardiovasculer and strength training. Many workouts incorporate and generalize different types of pushups, pullups and the sort, and combines it with free weights.

    I believe that programs such as Westside 4 skinny bastards are better, but if you dont have access to a gym or only have a pullup bar and a few dumbells, then this program is sufficient enough. Having the option of doing 12-15 reps instead of 8-10 means you get less bulky muscles and leaner muscles.

    It's decent enough, better then doing nothing over summer or off season/pre season. Axe the kenpo and plyometrics inbetween workout days for wrestling pratice or old school cardio and you're good to go.

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