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    Does anybody know this program? If so has it helped out your wrestling? And also what modifications did you make so it is mroe wrestling/grappling oriented? Thanks!

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    sounds rely good i like how it shoes other ppl that have done the program

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    Im on it right now, just started though. For your ME upper have a weight pull up for 2-3 weeks, than switch to heavy bench variations for two to three weeks. when ever you have a heavy pushing exercise for me upper body, have a pulling exercise for your RE upper. that what he said

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    It's a really good program. I took some ideas from it into my program. It depends on your goals. Do you want to gain weight? Or do you want to just get stronger? If you want to gain weight keeping it the same is a good idea. If you just want to get stronger lower the rep ranges to 3-8. Make sure to put in a circuit where you work on endurance though.

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