Cookie Cutter Wrestler

Cookie Cutter Wrestler
Cookie Cutter Wrestler (9 min 23 sec)
11-01-2010 at 05:43 PM
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Lembeck opens with Coach Tom Brands' "Cookie Cutter Wrestler" theory and tells how to become instead an "Extraordinary Wrestler". Also hear of personal responsibility and unique attitudes and other strategies that immediately catapult wrestling performance. Speaks of "contribution" to ones team and how to optimize your impact on the Team for which you represent. "Don't prepare for battle" says Lembeck but rather, "Prepare for Victory" and makes references to the Spartans. Also hear Keys of Effortless Evolvement through ideas including but not limited to goal writing, posting and secrets of world class athletics. Lembeck also shares surprisingly potent techniques to over-all increase via the "30 Trillion Dollar Brain".
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