P.R.O. - Pressure, Reaction, Offense

P.R.O. - Pressure, Reaction, Offense
P.R.O. - Pressure, Reaction, Offense (8 min 52 sec)
04-11-2010 at 09:39 PM
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"P.R.O." offense Pressure, Reaction, Offense combines with a series of footworks and subtle techniques that instantaneously turns average Joe into serious contender. Also talks of some high hooks, shoulder posts, heavy hands, hesitation steps, back steps etc. Listen to talk of elevators and how relate to elevation changes that precipitate all leg attacks. Don't forget to bang of the head, keep hips in and change directions before finishing to the double leg and collecting your 2 points for the takedown. "Small things make BIG difference" is the name of the game in Chris' coaching philosophy and is easily detected in power of the content and clarity of the instruction.
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