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Discuss merkle at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; reverse headlock how can i use it and can it be a set-up for the ...
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    reverse headlock how can i use it
    and can it be a set-up for the leg rides?
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    Your opponent is on your left side, you both are on your knees, and he has your left ankle scooped with his right leg. If you have higher elevation, you can get a headlock including his right arm, extend him forward, extend your left leg back to further straighten him out, and roll through to your right. If you keep your left leg extended and trap his ankle with your toe, and keep the headlock tight, you will have him in a pinning combination. This is not a leg ride (but it looks a little like a guillotine) and if he frees his leg or his head, it will be a scramble to sees who ends up in control, but you probably will have earned a takedown or reversal (depending on where you were when the situation began) and back points. We call this move a zook, but it's also called a merkle.
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