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    Alright so I am a right handed guy, but I lead with my left foot to keep my power leg to push off of. But I learned most right handed wrestlers have there right foot forward. I tried it out and while I do have a faster penetration step it feels extremely ackward. So my question is should I work on changing my stance or should I just keep it how it is?

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    Why not practice so you're comfortable with both? If you're already comfortable with the left leg forward, switch it up in practice so you can become more familiar with both ways of doing things.

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    yeah you should work on it while your in practice like schlottke says or you can just do what you do but have someone put you in various situations. that should help a bit.

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    I agree with Schlottke. Get familiar with both feet forward. This year I had a wrestler go up against a guy with an incredible shot to the right leg and my guy led w/ his right leg so we worked on switching that up. In the end we still lost the match but it was kept close and I really believe that if he hadn't of done that then it would have been a tech. It also opened up his offense a lot, being able to attack from either side with your full arsenal.

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    Your forward leg is the power leg. So if you're right handed/legged then you put that leg forward so you can use it to power into a shot.

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    Alright thanks alot guys, I will try to get used to my other side.

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