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Discuss I need help getting noticed at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Im a junior rising to be a senior. In three years of wrestling i've never ...
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    Default I need help getting noticed

    Im a junior rising to be a senior. In three years of wrestling i've never been to state. I want to wrestle in college. What would be some good tournaments to get noticed at?

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    Default Re: I need help getting noticed

    tournaments dont get you noticed results do. from there its your coaches that will get the buzz about you to the college coaches.

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    Default Re: I need help getting noticed

    Results do get the attention of Coaches but so does your attitude and toughness. I know many kids who never won a state title or runner -up but still got looks from D-II, D-III and NAIA JC schools. They got looks and partial scholarships because of their toughness and the coaches thought they could transition into a college wrestler. If you dont get the looks you can always attempt a walk on. Get your technique down and get tough and you might end up wrestling in college, probably not D-1 but somewhere. Along with this you will need to at least place at state.

    My brother is a perfect example, he had knee surgery as a junior and then placed 4th as a senior, but because he was in every match and wrestled tough Embry-Riddle offered him a partial I believe a tier 2 scholarship based on what they thought he could do in college.
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    Default Re: I need help getting noticed

    Are you looking for a scholarship ? Or just a place to wrestle ? I know you can walk on nearly any campus -in fact -most schools have a form you can fill out on their web page -a lot of kids have to walk on and prove themselves -if your grades and SAT's are in order you can fill out a form and a ot of coaches would welcome you -if you get there and can't cut it -they are out nothing and you took your best shot .
    If you are 12-15 Realistically you are facing an uphill battle and should find a large state school with a wrestling club or intramural program or a small school just starting ;
    I was a walk on and the academics and the demand of Big 10 wrestling were WAY too much for me -So I wrestled intramural -Good luck .

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    Default Re: I need help getting noticed

    There are some tournaments that you can hit that will help however- Jr. Regionals (West regional used to be held at same time/place as Sr. Open) Jr. Nationals in Fargo, University Nationals (accepts HS seniors I think). All of these tourneys have lots of college coaches in attendance or competing. Also, if you are still a Jr. go to a camp or several camps at colleges you want to attend. It is a good chance to do what Brother Ugly suggests - show your attitude (focused and hard worker who will always go the extra mile) technique, teachability and toughness. It is a great place for coaches to get to know you over the course of a couple of weeks. Best of luck Brother

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