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Discuss Counters for Switch and Whizzer at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Hey guys, what are some good ways to finish once you get a high single ...
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    Hey guys, what are some good ways to finish once you get a high single and the opponent whizzers? and if you do get them to the ground how do you counter their switch?

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    Default Re: Counters for Switch and Whizzer

    im not sure what you mean by their switch, but if someone puts a wizzer on you then you have a couple good options
    :the first is simply a limp arm out, u bump him with your hips to create space then u limp arm by windmilling your arm around and then you step over his leg and cover the hip.
    :next is your T and far arm where you grab the far arm and knee slide across the body then sag your hips to take him to his back.
    :another is the wizzer roll where the guy is really heavy on the wizzer and bouncing u off the matt, so you use his momentum and roll through grabbing his far leg.
    :then there is the tight waiste or somthing kike that where you reach under your opponet locking your hands over the floating rib and squeeze while scooting him down to the matt, on this you have to make sure your hips stay close because you dont want to extend yourself
    with all these options i was told that in the wizzer situation the person that ends up on top is the person whos hips are higher, but with that said you never want to step over a wizzer or else you will get flattened

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