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    I would like some detailed information on them please, also if anyone has a instruction video for the blast double it would be much appreciated.

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    get below his arms (under his elbows).. sprint towards his chest.. head up- directly below his breast bone, hit with your hands just above his knees.

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    Truly, it was the only move that I ever had as a wrestler in the standup position. Schlottke has described it perfectly.

    I would also suggest to not overlook its effectiveness. With wrestling techique today, "hitting from angles" is stressed over and over. Yes, this works, but you can also hit takedowns straight on by really good double leg techniques with a set up. Cyler Sanderson and Tyson Reiner , in my opinion, are as good as it gets with this basic move. If you get a chance, watch their technique.
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    When I try to use it my opponents never really quare so I kind of always slip to the side and end up in an acquired position is there some tips to avoid that?

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