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Discuss riding legs at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; what are some moves fron riding legs// i already know the twister,cradle,banana split ,cyclone but ...
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    Default riding legs

    what are some moves fron riding legs//
    i already know the twister,cradle,banana split ,cyclone but i need some more.

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    Default Re: riding legs


    ? Break opponent down to the far side.
    ? Reach back with your near arm and grab his head.
    ? Come out with your far knee posted on the mat. Make a triangle with your knees and feet so that one sole is against the other instep.
    ? Keep your hip in tight to his.
    ? Look away and pull his head toward you, or get a tight whizzer and rotate it towards his shoulder.
    ? If he tries to step his trapped leg out, scoop up both legs from the outside and get a double grapevine (Saturday night ride).


    ? Push opponent?s far shoulder towards his head with your far hand.
    ? With your near hand, reach from the near side and grab his triceps for a good crossface.
    ? Pull the crossface and drive off your back leg to break him down into the Jacob?s ride.
    ? You can tighten it up by tying up both arms with the crossface arm.


    ? Put your near elbow in your opponent?s far ear, and reach in front for his inside triceps. Grab it with your thumb pointing down.
    ? Reach across his chest with your far arm, and grab the same triceps from the inside, also with your thumb down.
    ? Pull his near arm across his chest with both your arms.
    ? Drop to your hip for a guillotine-like pinning position. Do not allow any space between his hip and yours.


    You want to control your opponent?s far wrist through his crotch. You can get this by pulling his far arm in from the outside and catch it in the crotch, or you can set it up by going for a guillotine and when he grabs his hip to block, reach thru the crotch and grab the wrist.

    ? When you have the wrist thru the crotch, hook his arm with yours up to the elbow, drive off the back foot, drive him forward and pull the arm towards you. Once he?s tilted, push off the back foot and arch into him to prevent him from rolling back over you.

    ? If you can?t pull him over, pull your elbow out and into the small of his back, and hook his elbow with your hand. Once he?s over, punch thru and hook his elbow as before.

    ? If you can?t pull him over because he drops his far shoulder to the mat, step back with your free foot (put it in your hip pocket), turn your head towards his feet, push off your back foot and roll through.


    ? Reach behind his far arm with your near arm, and hook his knee up to your elbow (reach in his pocket).
    ? Roll across your back into a split scissors.
    ? Reach over his far arm and hook his knee as above.
    ? Sag back into a spladle.
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    Default Re: riding legs

    if throwing legs fail.
    go for a
    cross body ride.

    leg cradle

    body scizzors ... figure4 the head,

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    Default Re: riding legs

    the best way to set up riding legs is with a spiral takedown. When he falls to his hip, his leg will be asking for you to put a leg in

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    Default Re: riding legs

    if you know what a spradle is you can get your opponent into it by rolling while ur leg is in and hooking the farside arm. you can probably find a video demonstration of it on youtube.

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    Default Re: riding legs

    the spladle is awesome. Once you get the dude in, there's no way out. I haven't seen anyone get out of one yet. You can YouTube spladle pin and it will come up.

    One of my favorite moves in high school though was the guillotine. good way to inflict some pain and get some points with the legs. If you're tall and lankly like me, get used to the legs and make them an asset. Most wrestlers are shorter and stalky and they don't have legs and don't know how to counter them, so that will usually be a benefit to you.
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