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    What's the key to a good blast double?
    I'm assuming that it's in the set up.

    A lot of people on my team try to tell me blast doubles on work on JV kids, or crappy varsity kids, but I know that's not true. Jordan Burroughs hits it all the time and many others do. Obviously it's not going to work if you don't have a set up and just shoot in.

    Fakes and head taps are probably good set ups. Its more of an outside shot, right? If not, what is/are some good set ups for it?
    Where do you want their weight when you shoot a blast double?

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    Get your opponent standing up as much as possible. Head snaps work great in getting him to stand up, some fatigued opponents will begin to do them on their own. You can also hit it on a guy backing up, as long as you are close enough. Hit the shot hard and right through their opponent.

    You are right that great wrestlers use this move, including 5x world champion Gatsalov.

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