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Thread: Setups Witout Tie-Ups?

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    Default Setups Witout Tie-Ups?

    One thing I hate is when my opponnent refuses to tie-up and just glues his elbows to his stomach basically and avoids hand fighting.

    That said, what setups to takedowns can I do if my opponnent doesn't want to tie up or reach, and avoids hand fighting?
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    The best thing you can do is move him to create your angles. You can do this with heavy hands to his head forcing him to eventually protect his head. Also work on snapping him down and work a front headlock series and once he starts reacting to your snaps he should be wide open for a shot.

    Another thing you can do is start setting up your shots with other shots. Fake an outside single into an high c or vice versa. Reshots are one of the most successful but underused moves in wrestling.
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    if he is doing that then start playing mind games with him. in other words lots of fake shots and keep tapping his forehead so he will blink. it will drive him mad. you can also fake the tie up and go for a shot instead.

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