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Discuss Set ups for high crotch at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I need more set ups. My high crotch is my best shot i never get ...
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    Default Set ups for high crotch

    I need more set ups. My high crotch is my best shot i never get to.

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    Default Re: Set ups for high crotch

    the biggest ones that work are the ones you probably already know, head tap, snapping the head down, ect.
    My favorite which i use a lot to open up my matches (once u do it once in a match it wont surprise them as much the next time), right wen the whistle blows just take a couple small steps in and touch your forehead to his, the most common reaction is they reach to tie up and right wen they do u just hit right under the elbows to clear the arms and u have a free shot, it is rarely seen coming and if u hit it then u will also have so much more time in the shot before they even know what has happened, and ideally u get in so tight that they cant do a hard sprawl and u pick them up on ur shoulder (this is all from a wrestler that is smaller and weaker in the tie up).

    Another that i literally just started using at matt club earlier today is when you have inside tie just move them around, every coach tells you to do it, and you might think you are cause i did, but the thing that i always missed was when you pull them do a half step and bring ur feet closer when you pull to get a full body motion into it. Today i weighed a little under 145 and not many people showed to open matt so i was wrestling a 175, i did this and shot in with my speed and he went straight down.

    All of these are things im sure you already know, and the last one im sure you were told to do but i think it might be the most underutilized (or however you spell that) is the reshot, your set up is their failed shot, and the person will almost never see it coming.

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