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Discuss Trouble breaking guys down at the Technique & Training Questions within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I have trouble breaking good guys down. My main breakdowns are a chop and a ...
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    Default Trouble breaking guys down

    I have trouble breaking good guys down. My main breakdowns are a chop and a spiral. What are some things i could be doing wrong.

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    I used to have a hard time with the chop, my problem was I was chopping straight back and not back and into their body so it was like cutting a leg of a table in half, because they'd still be strong, but just on one elbow. I don't know if that's your problem, but it might be part of it. Hitting them in the ass with your knee. Another big point is the hand around the waist. That's what you control him with until you get a two on one, bar, etc. You don't even need to get a full on tight waist, my coach taught me to go kind of by his hip, there is a nice pocket to latch onto and pull him over his inside arm as you chop.

    Another thing that will help is if you get the jump and beat him to his first move. It goes both ways, bottom and top, but you want to beat him to your first move, not letting him get his.

    Just started working with the spiral more lately so I don't have a lot of info there, but hopefully that helped.

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    Default Re: Trouble breaking guys down

    on the side of the spiral which is wat i do is make sure you are really hitting the other thigh to sort of plant it, and make sure you are making it a full body break down and not just using your arms, also i started to throw the half instead of hitting the arm because it has the same affect with the bonus of getting the half which makes them worry about that and forget about there legs which is usually wide open for throwing legs, also if you cangrab there oposite wriste whie throwing the half then the half because a serious attack and you can pull them over your knee, my coaches call it the mills and we actually stole it from one of the top schools in the state about 2 years ago because they tore us up with it.

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