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Thread: best position in a collar tie up???

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    Default best position in a collar tie up???

    when collar tied up with your opponent is it better to have space between yourselves or move in and plant your head on the shoulder? been watching videos today and some people are saying to get close because your stronger in close as opposed to being apart so you cant be controlled,jostled, snapped down etc.. then others say to create a space so you can shrug off and drop down for legs. is it a case of knowing and acknowledging who is the stronger in the tie up and reacting accordingly?...which position do you other wrestlers prefer?

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    Default Re: best position in a collar tie up???

    Ear to ear is a horrible position, it's basically a stalemate position. Top of forehead to top of forehead is pretty good though.

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    Default Re: best position in a collar tie up???

    Forehead to forehead definitley.But DONT STAY THERE! When he collars you want to score off of it as soon as possible. Make him think twice about collar tieing you again. You should have atleast one good move off of a collar tie that means points almost everytime he goes to your collar. Mine is the slideby.

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    Sugarfoot had good advice. If he collars you look for elbow passes, get elbow control, hit slide bys, etc. And when you get in a collar tie, keep him moving. Snap him down, switch to his shoulders and twist them, club the head, push, snap, pull, snap, push, pull, etc, etc.

    And don't hang in the collar tie. Last season I'd go collar tricep and just hang there, looked like I was dancing in a lot of my videos haha. Make sure you pulling on the head and moving him, not letting him rest. By the time the third period comes around he will be tired and probably stop looking for offense or he won't come up off bottom as quick as usual.

    Good luck man

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    Laynerz advice about the constant moving is huge, and same with Sugarfoot, the only thing i would like to clearify is better than straight forehead to forehead is if u can ger your forehead into his temple, that is way more dominating, and my advice if you are interested in the slide by is:
    1. if you end up ear to ear then use the inside of your elbow on the outside of his and look away (im not sure is that made sense)
    2. if you are forehead to forehead then use your hand, and to set it up a little better pull on his elbow down, then throw it the other direction

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